The Alter Ego of Luxury is Parody

Parody watches built in the USA by Atelier Perpetuel

Relax is a parody project, but we are not joking around with our watch quality

Gregory A.

Really nice! Put it on the timegrapher and was impressed how well it keeps time within COSC certification.

Ron M.

I have no idea how I found this company but was blown away by the specs of these watches. I have had my watch for a few days now and it is a fantastic piece and too say the least it’s a tank with a workhorse of a movement! Everywhere I’ve went people have mentioned they love my Kermit until I show them the parody and then the love gets even better for it. I’m gonna grab a few more for me and some as gifts as well. I’ve got a used Rolex Submariner and GMT and this is, from my humble opinion, just as good. PLUS, you don’t need to wait on the “list” forever and ever. I’ve been on my local AD’s list since 2017.

William A.

Wow it surpassed my expectations! My new favorite watch in the collection thank you!

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